Specialist in early childhood and family workshop.
Institut Mayang is an established organization offering professional seminars and workshops in the field of early childhood and family development. Mayang seminars and workshops have facilitated education, training and personal development in the field of early childhood education and in the areas of parenting skills, self-awareness and special skills in child care. These programmes have benefited many educators and operators of early childhood centres nationwide and have created a pathway for their advancement of knowledge in this field.
  • To enhance participants' understanding and knowledge of early childhood and family development.
  • To expose participants to international approaches and insights
  • To strengthen the foundation of participants in their pursuit of growth and development
  • To afford the opportunity for participants to apply the knowledge and skills acquired for their career and personal advancement.
  • SPM, SRP, STPM school leavers
  • Operators and teachers of early childhood centres
  • Those aspiring to own or teach at early childhood centres
  • Parents and professionals
  • Those working with special children